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Find the perfect direct mailing list to rent

Written by Mike Chantry | @hilitedirect

Do your own Infomercial

I know very few people who have tried infomercials in the UK. Production costs are massive and while it may now be possible to test the media more cheaply than before you need mega bucks to get started.

Several of our American friends make a fortune from their infomercials, so I decided...

Written by Mike Chantry | @hilitedirect

Is there a place for Market Research?

When I studied marketing all those years ago I was very interested in the value of market research.

When I found direct marketing a few years later I realised that the best research was testing live products where people vote with their credit cards. Market research then seemed a...

Written by Mike Chantry | @hilitedirect

Blog image

I have several highly intelligent clients. I am in awe of their use of the English language. Regrettably their market is not Oxford Dons or subscribers to 'Granta' so their highly crafty copy just flies over the heads of 95% of their prospects.

I remember having discussions, over...

Written by Mike Chantry | @hilitedirect

Overcoming Writer's block

Gene Schwartz is one of the all-time American great copywriters. After reading one of his books recently I picked up on a great idea to overcome writers block. I tried it and it worked!

It was simply this:

1. Pick a project, any project.
2. Get a timer, with an alarm

Written by Mike Chantry | @hilitedirect

Do away with your order form

Continuing with the ideas from the Ted Nicholas book 'Magic Words', we will look at the order form this week.

Whether you have an order in a mailshot, advertisement or online you shouldn't call it an order form.

Ted advises that you...

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