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The Death of Direct Mail

Death of Direct Mail

The death of direct mail has been greatly exaggerated.  The quote has been ‘borrowed’ from Mark Twain who made the statement after reading his obituary years before he actually died.
When email started getting popular in the late 1990’s everyone thought that direct mail was dead.  The reason it kept going in those early days of the ‘naughties’ was that so many self proclaimed ‘email experts’ oversold their lists and while it was now cheap to reach millions of prospects in theory, the amount of prospects opening the emails was tiny.  Targetting was poor and direct mail survived.
Fast forward to 2008 and the credit crunch forced marketers to look more closely at their costs.  Email marketing made a resurgence as better data analysis and expertise improved results.
Still direct mail refused to lie down and die.  A well written letter mailed to a good list remained very cost effective.  The problem was that the lists of recent DM buyers became smaller but with careful list selection it is still possible to make DM work. We still have clients who love direct mail, with careful list selection they can still make it work for them and in the last 2 years we’ve seen a big resurgence in numbers being mailed.
I liken it to Radio in the 50’s.  Television had just become popular and no one could see a place for radio in the TV age.  How wrong we were – radio continues to survive to this day as direct mail will for many years to come.
Not that we at Hilite are anti email. Last year we started an email division but with a difference. We decided that rather than offering a huge range of lists we only broker quality lists with a proven track record.  If you are looking for email lists that work contact: martin@hilitedms.co.uk
If we don’t think your offer is right for email we will tell you but with the right list it could add a very useful string to your bow.

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