Hilite Ltd has ceased trading

It is with deep sadness that we have to inform you that Hilite Ltd ceased trading on May 31st 2018.

We would like to thank all our clients, suppliers and staff for 32 great years but regret that the new GDPR regulations have made it impossible to continue as we would have liked.

Should anyone have any questions we can be emailed on mikehilite@mail.com We only have a skeleton staff but will aim to get back to you as soon as we can.

Thanks again,
Mike Chantry


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Three words that DOUBLED sales at a stroke

Double Sales

I read an interesting story last week about the A1 sauce company. They employed a consultant to help them increase sales. He had a close look at the product, the distribution chain, the advertising and marketing and came up with nothing of note. Then he looked at how the product was being used. He noted that the product was not being stored in a fridge and asked why. “With the high vinegar content it has a really long shelf life and doesn’t need to be refrigerated” he was told.
He then told the company to add “Refrigerate after opening” to the label. The baffled company executive in charge of labelling did as he was told and sales soon doubled.
The reason was that the consultant knew that most people go to their fridge 9 times for each time they go to their food cupboard. Seeing the bottle more often prompted far greater use of the product and the customers were more brand aware when they went to their supermarkets. The word got round and you’ll now see many items labelled the same way.
Now I’m not saying you should label your products “Refrigerate after use” but it does show the value of thinking outside the box. 
I’m sure there are simple things you could add (or even take away) from your product that could boost your sales. It could be worth having a brainstorming session with your staff to see what you can come up with.

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