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Quick New Product Testing

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The late great John Gommes started several successful businesses and he took three of the companies public.
One business was Carnell Plc who published health books.  He had had great success with books on Arthritis and Prostate and was looking out for his next winner.
He had also published a general Health Tips Book so he took 1,000 of those buyers names and mailed them a postcard to test some new title ideas.  It went like this:
“Three Health Books for Free"
“As Health Book publishers we have a long list of books that we want to publish.  Trouble is the list is getting longer and we can only publish three a year.  To help us find the most popular titles please could you tick the three books on the list below that appeal to you the most.  Then if any of the books you tick are one of the ones we publish we’ll send you a free copy”.
He went on to list subjects like Gout, Tinnitus, The Common Cold, Asthma etc.  He also included his popular Arthritis and Prostate titles as something he could use to measure the others against. 
He was a couple of titles short as he wanted to have 15 on the list so he asked his staff.
The office junior suggested ‘Irritable Bowel Syndrome’ and although John had never heard of it at the time he put it on the list to humour her.
When the results were in the IBS title beat Arthritis and Prostate into second and third place so he knew he had a winner.  In six months he had sold 70,000 of the IBS book.
A simple £250 test and an office junior had been the key to his next big winner.
Perhaps you could try this on line!

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