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I had a great offer today from an American Newsletter publisher which I think is ripe for copying here.
I have subscribed to their financial newsletter for about three years. They emailed me that they wanted to upgrade my subscription to the Gold level. They would do this for free as long as I confirmed that I would renew when it was due in November.
The Gold level had many extra benefits that I would be entitled to before renewal – I liked the newsletter so it was a “no brainer” so I agreed to renew. They went on to explain their new Platinium level too. This had even more benefits which they detailed, but came at a price of an additional $399 a year.
To my mind this worked on several levels:

1.  Had I not replied they would have had an early warning that I was likely to cancel so they could work on me some more before renewal.

2.  If I accepted they got a commitment from me that I would renew so the cash was as good as in their bank.  

3.  They showed that they cared about improving their service to their subscibers.

4.  I was dragged past the very attractive benefits in the Platinium package that I probably wouldn't have read had they not offered me the free upgrade in the headline.

As most of the Platinium benefits were US based I didn’t take it up but I did accept the free gold upgrade in return for my commitment to renew in November.

This has already given me several ideas – perhaps you could use a similar idea in your business?

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