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It's All About You

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Guess who your prospect is most interested in :-

1.            The History of your company.

2.            The author/designer of the product you are selling.

3.            The many satisfied users of your product.

4.            Themselves.

Probably not a question you'd get asked on Mastermind and I'm sure all of my readers would have chosen 4.

Sure the other elements can be included in your copy - but rarely up front.

I've seen so many B2B sales letters start:

"Since we stated in business in 2012 ...."

"Joe Bloggs has dedicated his life to developing the World's most durable widget ..."

"Thousands of satisfied users have ..."

When I'm stuck with a blank piece of paper and am looking for headlines I start by writing the words "How you can ..." this helps me focus on the prospect and bring in the benefit up front.

Now our prospects are bombarded with sales messages from morning 'til night so it's important you tell them what's in it for them - quickly.

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