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Are you a Tinkerman?

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All the football fans amongst you will recognise the nickname of Claudio Ranieri– "The Tinkerman".

He was accused of underperforming as Chelsea Manager due to the fact he was always tinkering with his team.

Fast forward ten years and he has taken lowly Leicester City (they were nearly relegated last season) to favourites to win the Premiership this season.

When it comes to direct response copy we find there are too many tinkermen (and women).  They assume some tiny changes will smash their control and make the breakthrough they are looking for.  I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen tinkering with copy has made any significant improvements in response.

So what should you do – nothing?

Not exactly.  All I’m saying here is that making small changes isn’t worth the price of the test.  I am suggesting you look at the 3 “P’s” and make radical changes.

Price – When was the last time you tested a big price change – up, down or both?

Proposition/Offer – Plenty of options here to test premiums, MBG (or risk reduction) and the BIG promise you make in the headline.

People – Lists and matching your copy to the lists you are using.

1.       Testimonials – Use one in the headline and pack the rest of the copy with strong, specific testimonials.

2.       Selling the sizzle – Strong emotion packed copy spelling out the things you’ll enjoy after using the product/service advertised.

3.       Revert to some older mailing pieces that worked for you in the past.  A rest could be all that is needed.

So, if you are going to tinker with your copy TINKER BIG.


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