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Want to offer a Guarantee where you don't offer any money back?

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There’s little doubt that a Money Back Guarantee will boost your results nearly every time.

Recently I’ve seen promotions that have broken this rule.

1        The promoter makes a big deal of not offering a money back guarantee.  "I only deal with serious (entrepreneurs) so to put off 'time wasters' and 'tyre kickers' I make you this simple guarantee 'I promise not to give you a money back guarantee, but I will give you every assistance I can to ensure that your investment is returned to you at least 20 times over'.

 2        Help till you make it work.  We have just used this approach in a financial investment programme.  “If you haven’t made £XX,000 in just six months send us your trading history and I’ll invite you to a full days 1 on 1 training day to put you back on the right track”.

The client actually watered this down at the last minute to a 12 months guarantee as long as they flagged up they were having a problem six months in.  He still offered the 1 on 1 training but in reality I doubt whether very many people would ask for the 1 on 1 let alone ask for their full refund after 12 months.

He offered this at a seminar and got 30% more take ups than his previous best, so this idea and the other two are worth considering.

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