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Stop the Block!

Writers Block

We have several clients who are great copywriters.  Powerful copy just flows from their laptops time and time again.

Recently I considered interviewing some of my contacts for the Monday Minutes and the first one I approached was a brilliant copywriter.

However, he admitted that he hadn’t written a decent letter in over a year and was suffering from writers block.

It seems his method of writing was to do comprehensive research before he opened his laptop.

I shared with him an idea I picked up from Ted Nicholas.  He advises people to start:

“It was 4.55pm on September the 17th 2012 when I . . . “ (any time and date will do but it could be relevant if that helped).  It got your creative juices flowing and writing was easy.

After you had four or five pages of A4 you simply refined the copy, adding bits here and there but quite often taking out great chunks of copy.  Often the opening line was kicked out too.

I’ve used this myself more than once and it worked for me.

The late, great John Gommes used to take a letter he admired from his swipe file and dictate a new one for his own product (often in a totally different market).  It gave his letter a solid structure, then, after sleeping on it would go back and refine it beyond recognition.

Hope these ideas help the next time you have writers block.

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