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The Prospect has Landed

Prospect has landed

I’m sure you’re proud of your website and want as many people to see it as possible.
That’s the main reason people get lazy and push new prospects straight to their “all singing, all dancing website”, where most of them promptly get confused.
These prospects are amongst the hottest you can get so you need to direct them to a well-designed landing page that will reinforce the fact that you can provide the benefits they are after.
You also don’t want them to navigate easily to Google where they might search out the offers your competition are making.
Depending on your offer you shouldn’t ask for too much information originally – just email address and first name. Once you have that you may be able to give them a logical reason to give you their phone number and postal address.
If you need any help with landing pages call me on 01474 874848 or email me at mike@hilitedms.co.uk

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