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Hot Topics Products

Hot Topics Products

Stuck for a new product or stuck for a new copy approach.  Then it's time to turn your attention to discovering 'What's Hot?'.

A conference company I worked for had a very lazy M.D., yet he had the Midas touch for new products.  Almost everyday he would lunch with the great and the good in the industries his company served.  While the wine flowed he probed his guests on what was the new hot topic.  Time-after-time he would be able to launch a conference on the topic months ahead of his much larger (and slower) rivals.

Hot topics featured in the tabloid press also provided a useful source of new product ideas too.  Any recent inspection of the press will reveal they know their readers are obsessed with 'statins' ... are they good for you, are they bad, should you take them, what side effects are there?....

So statins would be an ideal subject for a book or a special free report that could be used as a lead in to selling cholestrerol reducing solutions.

Keep your eyes open and you'll have more than enough new ideas to test.  You may even try to weave a hot topic into your copy as long as it's relevant to your product or service.

Most of these Hot Topics gradually surface but there are others, like Brexit and the Olympics, in recent months, are topics you know of in advance or soon realise will be huge.

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