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What one thing should I focus on?

What one thing should I focus on?

Last week I received an email from a new subscriber who was keen to know what one thing he should focus on.
I had to tell him he should focus on the following:

1. Providing the best product or service that best solves his potential market's problems.

2. Finding the price of the product or service that enables him to make a suitable profit.
 Always assuming he has only one product or service to start with, as making a loss on the first sale may be acceptable if he has a strong back end sales programme.

3. Finding a message that appeals to the maximum number of his prospects.

4. Finding a cost effective way of reaching those prospects.

5. Providing other products and services to your customer base to maximise long term profitability.
Each of these are essential to any business and the only way to achieve them is to TEST, TEST and keep TESTING.
So my advice to him was to read all he could about testing and apply what he leant in those 5 areas.

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