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What Comes first? The Product or the Promo?

What comes first? The Product or the Promo?

Last week I mentioned the famous “Lazy Man’s Way to Riches” and how the ad sold the benefits of reading the book without telling anything about how it was to be achieved.
I subsequently discovered that the author Joe Karbo had written and tested the ad BEFORE he’d written the book.
While it is now illegal to Blind Test a product (advertise it before you have it) there are ways around it.  If you are selling a publication it’s possible to wrap the offer up as a pre-publication discount so you’ve told the prospect that it is not yet available.  In the past I’ve only had the first issue of a 25 month part-work when I did my first test so I didn’t need to have the full course before I started testing.
These tests help save you time and money.
More importantly however, I’ve found that writing the promotion first helps you to find the holes in your argument that can be plugged later when you’re finalising the design of your product.
So when you come up with your next new concept try writing the ad copy before you finalise your product or service.
Hope this has given you a few ideas.

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