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Spill the Beans to Bring Home the Bacon

Spill The Beans to Bring Home the Bacon

My thanks to subscriber Clive Riseburgh for his response to my recent pieces on the “Lazy Mans Way to Riches”.
He told me of several examples of how some direct marketing publishers had gone down the opposite route by using a very condensed version of their book as the ad.
When I started Hilite back in 1986 one of my first clients was the late, great John Gommes and he was a fan of this approach that he used regularly.
In the space of 30 months he had published over 50 business opportunity manuals.  While many were based on the blind copy approach, others told the whole story in the ad.  He felt that his approach often excited the reader into thinking it was a great idea, but to move it forward they felt they needed as much information as possible and that could only be obtained from the manual
He was able to test his new manuals by mailing his past buyers, then if it worked to them he could safely spend big money advertising the successes in the National Press. If the Reveal All ad didn’t work he might try the Blind approach.  As soon as he had built a list of 10,000 buyers even a manual that didn’t make it to the National Press usually covered all its costs.
So perhaps if Blind Ads are not right for your product you could try the opposite approach.

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