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Tap into Emotions to Make the Sale - Part 5 Curiosity


They say that curiosity killed the cat, even though they’re meant to have 9 lives!  But curiosity, used correctly can also help you make the sale.
The skill is to make the curiosity relevant to your offer.  Hinting you know which celebrity couple are about to get divorced may get you high readership in certain markets but translating that to a sale is almost impossible unless it’s for a subscription to a celeb magazine.
However, something like:
“This clever ploy helped a secondary school drop out triple his salary”
… might help you sell a book on career advancement.
Content marketing has proved very popular of late. It’s where fake articles are included in banners on various websites. They look like articles with curiosity arousing headlines, like the one at the top of the screen.
Hope this gives you a few ideas.

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