Hilite Ltd has ceased trading

It is with deep sadness that we have to inform you that Hilite Ltd ceased trading on May 31st 2018.

We would like to thank all our clients, suppliers and staff for 32 great years but regret that the new GDPR regulations have made it impossible to continue as we would have liked.

Should anyone have any questions we can be emailed on mikehilite@mail.com We only have a skeleton staff but will aim to get back to you as soon as we can.

Thanks again,
Mike Chantry


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Caveat Emptor "Let Copy Buyers Be Aware"

Let Copy Buyers Be Aware

About the only Latin I can remember from school (after all, it was a very long time ago!) was the words "Caveat Emptor" - "let the buyer beware."

This applies to everything but recently we've had so many clients supply us with terrible copy that they've paid good money to have someone write for them.  There are still great copywriters out there but as more and more clients are cost conscious they seem to buy on price alone.  So why are there so many out there compared to 10 years ago?

The internet has revolutionised direct marketing and everyone is exposed to masses of direct marketing copy, some as much as 20+ emails a day.  It's easy for any newbie to accumulate a big swipe file in a couple of weeks and use those as their templates.

Problem is they don't know if they are working or not and copying them blindly is not the way forward.

We recently got approached by a copywriter who, on first sight, looked promising.  He claimed to have a massive swipe file including all the copy greats of the last hundred years.  He could weave many of their great phrases and ideas into a single letter. However, if you read those letters as a potential buyer might you would end up confused - the letters didn't flow and often the offer bore little relationship to the main body copy.

I also subscribe to a number of copywriting forums and most are very good.  However, one seems to attract a large number of "wannabes" who are more interested in how much they will be earning rather than being the best they can possibly be for their clients.

So, as I said at the start, if you are buying copy "Caveat Emptor" "Let the copy buyer beware".

We work with 4 top copywriters here at Hilite and if you would like us to quote you on a job just let me know.  I will find the person with the most experience in your market.  I have one relative copywriting newcomer who I mentor so we can also offer budget options for those of you who are prepared to take a bit more of a chance.

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