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Why Theresa May hates market research

Why Theresa May hates market research

The pollsters have got it wrong yet again! They tempted Theresa May into a snap election expecting a landslide, but the predicted 20% win was slashed to just 2%.

Back in 1992, Neil Kinnock (ex-Labour party leader) held a victory party two weeks before the General Election on the strength of a predicted strong Labour win. As it turned out though, John Major turned that around and the Conservatives won by 5%.

So what's this got to do with Direct Marketing? My take on it is that it shows market research has its limitations and you can't beat live testing. The trick for us is to help you test market your product / service at a low cost so we can run even more tests and increase the chances of us finding winners for you.

At a lunch last week I was surprised to hear that a large number of our clients had never even tested Facebook. Admittedly I was never a fan of Facebook myself but when I saw some of the results I changed my mind.

Now that Phil has launched our new Facebook marketing service, I persuaded him to offer you a way to test Facebook cheaply. So, until 30th June, he’s slashed the set-up fee from £1,500 to only £750.

To claim your half-price test simply email him at Philip@HiliteDMS.co.uk and ask for a free copy of our new report entitled “Seven Steps to Facebook Profits”. He'll get a copy back to you by return and will explain how you can claim your half price test.

Theresa, if you're reading this you qualify too!

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