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Generating Content on Social Media

Generating content on social media

Many years ago, when I was young enough to be a Round Tabler, I met several new members who thought it was a great place to network for business.
While that may have been true to an extent, dealing out business cards to all and sundry at your first meeting was no way forward.  However, those who took their time, showed they were honest and genuine got approached for work all the time.
Social Media is a lot like that, you need to take your time to build a relationship before you even think about selling.
But where do you start?
Over the next four weeks I’ll give you some ideas to help you build agreat relationship with new prospects online.
Idea One
Simply start a discussion.  US Copywriter Bob Bly is brilliant at this.  Follow him on Facebook under Robert Bly and you’ll see what I mean.
Here’s one of his posts that got 230 comments:
“When I mentioned in my newsletter that I do not like hunting, TJ, one of my subscribers, replied with an e-mail titled "This is why I hunt." His reasons:• Venison is one the healthiest meats there are. Extremely high in protein, 1 to 2% fat, and lots of vitamins and minerals with no hormones added.

• It saves money on meat costs.

• Family tradition since I was a kid and have passed it on to adult children.

• Hunting licensing puts millions of dollars into state conservation and fish and game programs to manage herds.

• I discover some of the best remote camping locations.

• Great exercise. I four wheel drive in about 10 to 20 miles then hike all day.

• It’s a stress reducer and great fun.

• It’s a tough challenge.

• It teaches me patience, precision, and skills of quiet and observation.

• I get to visit some of the most beautiful, remote locations unknown to non-hunters. Boy, they miss out.

• I emphasize a clean, one-shot kill if at all possible. I practice and use the finest ammunition and always make sure both my scope and skills are ready.

• It’s my right as an American citizen to hunt legally and humanely. I can.

• I could go on for pages but will not bore you. There is only one question I have for TJ: How is it you get pleasure shooting an innocent, sweet creature that meant you no harm and killing it? This I will never understand.”
I think you might risk alienating a section of your audience if you are too contentious but he certainly gets noticed.
I used to listen to Talk Sport and they always got the two presenters on a programme to have opposite views on contentious issues.  Very entertaining, and there was always someone who has your point of view.

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