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Could a Softer Offer Double your Profits?

Could a Softer Offer Double Your Profits?

Every day the amount of sales messages presented to us increase, we probably receive ten times more offers than we did a generation ago. The result of this increase is that prospects become more and more suspicious of our offers. So how can we remove that fear?
Risk reversal could be the answer. Rather than you ask your prospect to part with their hard earned cash before they receive your product or service you reverse the risk and trust them to pay you later.
Of course, you will need to have a great product and a big enough margin to pay for the extra collection costs and bad debts, but a successful test could easily double your profits.
There are several ways of handling the initial risk-reversal, here are a few you could consider:

  1. You send an invoice with your product with the promise that if they are not happy “simply return the product within 30 days and your invoice will be cancelled with nothing to pay."
  2. Offer to send the product in return for a signature on your post-dated credit card authority. You will only charge them if they have not returned the product by a certain time.
  3. If you have a continuity product you could send the first product in return for a post-dated standing order or direct debit. You could even make the first payment smaller, safe in the knowledge that the life time value of the order will more than make up for the ultra soft offer.


Could this idea work for you?

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