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Finding Hot Add-on Products and Premiums

Finding hot add-on Products and Premiums

Many of our clients have great products but very little else to offer their very happy buyers.

When we suggest that they offer upsells they say they just haven't got the time.

Fair enough, but there must be many hot products in their marketplace that they could white label.

Over the years I've found many great add-on products and premiums from the U.S.. 

To find them, simply subscribe to publications and ezines that your customers would buy if they lived in the States.  Then, look for ads that have been repeated many times.  Buy the products to get on their lists so you can see other mailings and email broadcasts.

When you have found a product that looks successful and right for your market simply contact the American marketer and try to set up a licencing deal. 

Normally we buy the product at cost and pay a royalty of between 7.5% and 15% on all sales.  You should be able to use their marketing material too, so you can test quickly and with minimal risk.

Hope this gives you an idea.

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