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When Vanity Decreases your Response

When Vanity Decreases your Response

Over the years I've advised clients to include a photograph of themselves in ads and mailshots.

Nine times out of ten the tests prove that the inclusion of a photograph lifts response, sometimes quite significantly.

It doesn't always work though, in fact, one time it actually reduced the response. It was when we included a photo of the editor of the Woman's Financial Newsletter in a promotion. Although she was close to forty the photo she insisted on us using was at least 15 years old. The target market was women 55+ who obviously thought that someone in their early twenties couldn't teach them a thing about savings and investment.

I mention this as I received an email this morning from someone who looked like he was only just out of short trousers promising to quadruple the growth of my portfolio. Now, I'm sure he knows his stuff and the photograph wasn't something I should judge him on but it was an instant turn off.

So, by all means, test photos in your promotions but try and use ones that will appeal to your targeted market.

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