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Get out Your Fountain Pen

Get out your Fountain Pen

There are now machines that hold pens that “handwrite” personalised envelopes and notes. Of course, it’s possible to laser print “handwriting” on to envelopes etc but the finished look of the machine’s “handwriting” is very realistic.
The cost of this service is around 10p each for a basic note. My only concern is that:
1.    If you go to the trouble and expense of producing a personal looking envelope you would need to attach a live stamp. We all know that even a 2nd class stamp is now 56p much more than the commercial rates we get for our clients.

2.    Stick on the stamp and you’ve got their attention. However, you can’t stop there, as if you just enclose your normal sales letter the recipient will feel cheated that you have tricked them into opening the envelope and it could have a negative effect.
That being said, a really well-crafted letter could overcome that problem and, if you could double your response, the extra cost would be worth it.

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