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Find the perfect direct mailing list to rent

Written by Mike Chantry | @hilitedirect

Do away with your order form

Continuing with the ideas from the Ted Nicholas book 'Magic Words', we will look at the order form this week.

Whether you have an order in a mailshot, advertisement or online you shouldn't call it an order form.

Ted advises that you...

Written by Mike Chantry | @hilitedirect

Finding hot add-on Products and Premiums

Many of our clients have great products but very little else to offer their very happy buyers.

When we suggest that they offer upsells they say they just haven't got the time.

Fair enough, but there must be many hot products in their marketplace that they could white label....

Written by Mike Chantry | @hilitedirect

Google adwords and Facebook ads

Google Adwords and Facebook ads are the new small ads that used to appear in the press.

I used to spend hundreds of thousands of pounds a year on small display ads in the national press.  So I decided to revisit some of the more successful ones to see if anything from the old days...

Written by Mike Chantry | @hilitedirect

Free Marketing

You can see I'm using the word'Free' in this week's Headline.  The fact that you are reading it shows it got through the spam filters.

You may remember FREE was one of the 27 Magic Words I shared with you from...

Written by Mike Chantry | @hilitedirect

Ask and you will receive

When I start looking at copy for a client I first look at the headline and then the close.

I've seen many great letters that have been badly let down by confusing and ambiguous attempts to close the sale.


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