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Written by Mike Chantry | @hilitedirect

Video Marketing - Part Three

So I now need to cover off the three top tips for video marketing to give you something to try.

1.  Don’t make the same mistakes as one of our clients did last year. They spent way too much time, effort and money on the production of the video and forgot about the marketing. So...

Written by Mike Chantry | @hilitedirect

Video Marketing - Part Two

After last week's look at creating online video for your business, I now need to touch on the 5 different ways you can deliver your masterpiece to your prospects!

1. Your website – The type of content you add to your site should depend on which page the video’s on.  A...

Written by Mike Chantry | @hilitedirect

Video Marketing - Part One

My recent on-line blogs have gone down well and a few of you have asked my views on video marketing so here goes.

I firmly believe that any company who doesn’t create video for its public is going to be left behind in terms of finding new customers… not now necessarily, but...

Written by Mike Chantry | @hilitedirect

Why Theresa May hates market research

The pollsters have got it wrong yet again! They tempted Theresa May into a snap election expecting a landslide, but the predicted 20% win was slashed to just 2%.

Back in 1992, Neil Kinnock (ex-Labour party leader) held a victory party two weeks before the General Election on the strength...

Written by Mike Chantry | @hilitedirect

Banner Advertising the Easy Way

In the old days, you needed to approach a site owner to ask if they would carry your advert. This was particularly time-consuming and you needed to advertise on a lot of sites (or for a long period) to get any meaningful ROI.Now though, there are banner...

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