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Data cleansing and customer profiling

Data Cleansing


We’re not going to pretend that data excites us like many other Direct Mail companies! In fact we agree that it’s as dull as ditchwater!

However, ignore it at your peril, as a failure to understand the data quality of the addresses you will be mailing could result in your business losing money hand over fist.
Since September 1999, the Hilite Data Services team has been assisting clients with all their data service requirements, and we now handle approximately 55 million records annually. 
Apart from the usual services you’d expect from a data department (such as deduplication, MPS cleaning, address validation, goneaway cleaning, we do go the extra mile to help improve response rates and cut costs. Here are some recent examples:

• We analysed recent response to a  gambling mailers campaign and found that by suppressing people who had been mailed four times or more, he saved 18% of his mailing budget, whilst only losing less than 1% response.

• We spent hours splitting every list of a 34 list campaign, enabling our client to price test between every list. Now he’s making an extra £17,800 per year because of this.
• For, one online company, we found 28,500 email addresses by matching them against their postal addresses. This cut their brochure mailing costs by £85,100 per year.

We can help you too save time and money on your next mailing or email blast... or pay us nothing! Simply give us a file you’ve already had de-duplicated and discover how we can offer you an IMPROVED service for LESS money.

If you’re interested in a “Free Data Audit” or if you wish to learn more about Hilite Data Services, please email us at sales@hilitedms.co.uk


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