Hilite Ltd has ceased trading

It is with deep sadness that we have to inform you that Hilite Ltd ceased trading on May 31st 2018.

We would like to thank all our clients, suppliers and staff for 32 great years but regret that the new GDPR regulations have made it impossible to continue as we would have liked.

Should anyone have any questions we can be emailed on mikehilite@mail.com We only have a skeleton staff but will aim to get back to you as soon as we can.

Thanks again,
Mike Chantry


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Hilite's philosophy is simple: to provide UK mailing list planning that delivers results for our clients. We offer you strategic advice and mailing list planning services.

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  1.  This list consists of subscribers to the website - www.businessopportunity-review.co.uk which tracks a vast array of Business  Opportunity schemes in the UK and offers an overview of them all, updated daily by members of the public.

    Base price: £180.00 |
    Quantity: 4,885
  2. All individuals have responded to direct mail and have purchased one of two highly successful business opportunity programmes - either "First Incentives" or "Soulmates". Both moneymaking strategies are marketed separately and cost approximately £50.00 each. 

    Base price: £150.00 |
    Quantity: 1,589
  3. This database is the customer list of Camelot Direct Marketing, who sell a wide range of courses and books. Customers are spending up to £299.95 for a single course. Publication Titles include; The Ultimate Internet Compendium, Goldline Racing, Home Based Internet Marketing Business and The Virtual Salesman.   

    Base price: £150.00 |
    Quantity: 7,746
  4. This is a list of buyers from Capital Westland which contains names of people who have purchased a range of Horse Racing and Football betting advice (costing between £47 - £120 pa) and various Business Opportunity courses (costing £75 - £150).

    Base price: £150.00 |
    Quantity: 9,125
  5. These hotline buyers have paid up to £20 to claim their guaranteed award. Cash, elegant jewellery items, electronics, cars and a special shopping voucher premium, good for extaordinary savings and discounts are used to entice these buyers.

    Base price: £110.00 |
    Quantity: 492,216
  6. This file contains the names of people who have responded to various advertisements for money winning and money making publications from RICHARD MARK. Subjects covered include; Football Fixed Odds, Lottery and Money Making Publications.

    Base price: £150.00 |
    Quantity: 22,305
  7. Celabolinis a natural pain relief product aimed at people suffering from arthritis and joint soreness. They are people who are serious about their health as the majority have brought the product in bulk with some taking up the option to buy 12 month supply. 

    Base price: £45.00 |
    Quantity: 100,000
  8. Celabolin was developed after intensive research into providing natural and effective relief for people suffering from arthritis, joint pain and mobility issues. One of the key ingredients Celadrin, is clinically proven to reduce pain and promote joint health fast. It also stops minor aches and pains like simple backache, strains, sprains and bruises, dead in their tracks.

    Base price: £130.00 |
    Quantity: 80,000
  9. Celaritis provides natural and effective relief for people suffering from arthritis & mobility issues,  It is available in tablet form and cream and the majority of consumers buy both for maximum pain relief with many of them being repeat buyers. 

    Base price: £45.00 |
    Quantity: 50,000
  10. This list contains buyers of "Celaritis" - a breakthrough natural pain relief treatment. This product has been clinically proven to relieve pain in less than 30 minutes and can be used to effectively treat; Inflammation, Painful Joints, Swelling and Stiffness, as well as over 100 types of Arthritis including Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis. Names have been generated via direct mail, third party inserts and the Internet.

    Base price: £145.00 |
    Quantity: 27,960
  11. The CityAM.com reader is driven, career-focused and ambitious.  Young and determined, they are employed within the Financial Services Industry in London, where they hold a position in senior management.

    Base price: Please see Datacard |
    Quantity: 37,500
  12. This is an amalgamated file from 'City Racing Investments' who have been trading since 2011.  The file is made up of full postal names and addresses of currently and lapsed members as well as enquirers from a telephone tipping subscription service.

    Base price: £185.00 |
    Quantity: 2,410
  13. All individuals on this file have enquired about, or purchased a course in financial trading.  Customers have bought training courses and have invested in trading platforms.  Expenditure ranges from £100 right up to packages retailing at £5,000.

    Base price: £195.00 |
    Quantity: 2,252
  14. Cherry-picked from a masterfile of over 500K gamblers, this extremely selective file comprises only subscribers who have joined multiple racing advisory services.

    Base price: £195 |
    Quantity: 6,168
  15. Reduced sex drive and confidence can strike at any age and for a variety of reasons, Climagra can help revitalize sex life without the side effects of prescription drugs. Climagra is a completely natural supplement and is available without a prescription  Names have been generated via direct mail, third party inserts, press advertising and the internet

    Base price: £145.00 |
    Quantity: 6,000
  16. This file contains customers from the website www.clinico.co.uk which has been in existence since 2007 and offers herbal remedies for weight loss.  Names have primarily been collected by online advertising, direct mail and press advertising.

    Base price: £150.00 |
    Quantity: 16,667
  17. This new file is already proving popular as the racing punters on this list who pay for tipping advice have completed standing orders. These are often the most responsive people as they are not averse to commitment. 

    Base price: £160.00 |
    Quantity: 9,846
  18. Content Marketing is proving to be highly effective for our clients across different market sectors.  By placing your content acrosss different online publications, this will help generate more leads for your business whilst raising brand awareness.

    Base price: Please see datacard |
    Quantity: Please see datacard
  19. This is a brand new list of highly responsive buyers and enquirers. They have spent an average of £140 on mobility aids, including walking sticks, wheelchairs and powered mobility scooters. The majority of the list is female and the names have been collected largely via press advertising.

    Base price: £130.00 |
    Quantity: 4,237
  20. Daily Health is the largest provider of online Health newsletter-based information in the UK.  They offer an informative free daily health email - sent out every weekday morning. 

    Base price: See datacard |
    Quantity: 120,000